An Agile Strategy Management Tool For Modern Enterprises

Core-Strategy bridges the gap between the organization’s strategy, goals, objectives, strategic initiatives and execution. It enables leaders to have increased visibility into the Organization’s capabilities, resources and limitations when investing, divesting, prioritizing, or undertaking transformative technology changes It helps to translate and map organization strategy with its mission and technical capabilities, which further serves as the foundation for understanding dependencies and constraints for increased execution success.

Core-Stratergy intuitive user interface lends itself to quickly setup organization strategy, declaring mission and vision statements, establishing your organization profile by creating an org chart and inviting users. Using the best practices to ToGAF, OKR and Balanced Scorecard, our users can quickly establish alignment of various organization activities with Goals and Objectives and take advantage of data-driven decisions using real-time reporting of KPIs and project milestones.

Core-Strategy’s easy-to-use interface and rich visualizations place CoreStrategy along with a premium set of Strategy Management tools without a hefty price tag. We are also proud of our heritage and success in the arena of Management Consulting, enabling our users to develop measurable strategies and help them execute and perform course correction as required

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